The DJ, The Music & Me

Picked up from Peter Rauhofer’s Star 69 imprint and co-written by top bods du jour John Creamer and Stephane K, ‘The DJ, The Music & Me’ features a dark spoken vocal from the enigmatic Noo-Yorker Lula.

Creamer & K’s own heavy tribal mix is on A1, with the differentGear boys adding their deep and tracky sound to Lula’s vocals on the flip. Disc two kicks off with Peace Division turning in their first mix for Hooj since ‘Roaches’, and a fine one it is too, while Force Mass Motion belt out an acidy stomper to round proceedings off.

Written by J. Creamer, S. Kaneda, C. Radbauer, W. Santos
Produced by John Creamer & Stephane Kaneda
Published by Copyright Control
(p) 2001 Hooj Choons
(c) 2001 Hooj Choons