Danny Sullivan & Kemist
Snake Charmer

Hailing from New York, Danny Sullivan & Kemistís slick and driving collaboration combines a memorable Eastern-sounding horn riff with an insistent yet funky bassline. And whilst the pairing may be relative newcomers to the scene, we feel the stall has definitely been set out quality-wise with this release.

ĎSnake Charmerí comes with the usual array of remixes with Sullivan & Kemistís original version sitting on the A side of disc one while Canadian deepster, Hand Polished turns in a smooth broken beat remix on the back of his awesome ĎA One Day Trip In An Elevatorí track released through Guidance. Disc two sees one of Lee Coombsí half house/ half breakbeat/ three quarters funk interpretations sitting on the A with the ever-dependable Uhuru Beats finishing off the package in a blaze of tribal drums on the B

Written & Produced By Danny Sullivan & Eric Holterhoff
Published by Copyright Control
(p) 2002 Hooj Choons
(c) 2002 Hooj Choons