RJ Project
What Color Is Love

The last time Hooj man Red Jerry released a solo single (Redsun - ‘This Love’ 1996), he spent the next two years (and a shed load of dosh he didn't have) sorting out the legal grief it caused. We're hoping his rather excellent new RJ Project won't be as troublesome.

'What Color...' is in fact a cover version of the Terry Callier 70's soul classic of the same name and comes in four mixes - three of them by Jerry himself. The only outside forces invovled in this mission are the magnificent Freddy and Herman, on leave from City Rockers Balearic wing, who've chilled proceedings right out with a classy, organic funkathon that we love dearly.

Already winning favour with the likes of Danny Howells and Lottie (who gave it an airing off of acetate on Radio 1 a week ago), all in all, a fulsome package from our beloved leader.

Produced by Red Jerry. Engineered by Bernie Hurst.
Published by Copyright Control
(p) 2002 Hooj Choons
(c) 2002 Hooj Choons