In The Underground
Psycho Radio

Next up on Hooj, 'In The Underground' by Psycho Radio - 80ís-tweaked punk funk from Italy is the order of the day here, with Psycho Radio's 'In The Underground' bringing spiky digital funk together with snaking electronic rhythms to provide the phat-ass peaktime sounds. As ever, the package comes on two discs, with the Original mix sitting on the A side of disc one in all its cool glory, with Daniele Tignino's heavy tribal workout on the B.

Disc two sees the tougher sounds displayed on the remix from Basics resident, Paul Woolford. Paulís recent works under the guises of Bobby Peru, 10,000 BC (one half of with Yousef) and as an artist outright (recording for Subliminal) has not gone unnoticed and his twisted grooves and tough drums work perfectly with the sleazy vocals. Quirky Bristolian houser, A-J Scent turns in a smooth remix on the B, skilfully continuing the 80's theme with aplomb.

With support already from Lawler (as featured on his much-lauded Lights Out comp), Sanchez, Howells, Tom Stephan, Jon Marsh, Futureshock and more, 'In The Underground' looks set to continue rocking the spot.

Written, produced and mixed by Daniele Tignino and Pat Legato
Published by Copyright Control
(p) 2002 Hooj Choons
(c) 2002 Hooj Choons