Gardner & Thomas
Turn To Try

Following smoothly on from, 'I'm Here' by Blackwatch (who happens to be the Thomas part of Gardner & Thomas), ‘Turn To Try’ sees the New York-based producer team up with Midlands DJ Dave Gardner and vocalist Emmanuel to provide a crackling Moroder-esque vocal cut.

Kicking off the A side is the Full Vox version which lays Emmanuel’s smoky, attitude-filled vocals over running electronic rhythms and energetic bass while the duo’s Danceteria Mix on the flip sees the tougher progressive styles come into play. The package is finished off by a housier Red Jerry remix on the B2 which combines his trademark beats and bass with swirly psychedelic noises.

Written & produced by Michael Thomas & Dave Gardner - West Meadow Beach, New York. Engineered by Michael Thomas @ Blackwatch Studio, New York.
Lyrics by Dave Gardner & Michael Thomas.
Vocals by Emmanuel.
Published by Copyright Control
(p) 2002 Hooj Choons
(c) 2002 Hooj Choons