Born and raised in the Long Island area of New York, Jas (aka Phil Jason aka Chonga) has been conjouring up low-ridng tech house numbers for a while now with, ‘Hitchhiking’ effortlessly topping the pile with its bluesy vibe and captivating vocal sample.

The first disc is headed up by the awesomely trippy, future disco sounds of Chicken Lips’ remix. The Kings of Kingsize have pulled out all the stops with their offering which follows on from their excellent versions of recent Underworld and FC Kahuna cuts while over on the B side you’ll find a P-funk-riddled reworking from Bryan J Robson under his Streetlife Originals guise.

Quality comes as standard...

Written by & Produced by P. Jason.
Lyrics By Peter Thorpe
Published by Copyright Control
(p) 2003 Hooj Choons
(c) 2003 Hooj Choons