Drunken Monkey

Next up on Hooj, summery Balearic house music from Drunken Monkey in the form of 'Gratification'.

San Franciscan DJ and producer-type, Daniel Lippincott is the man behind the spiritual yet bumping 'Gratification' and it comes backed up with a diverse set of remixes by up n'coming North London-based production team, Precinct, (whose work on the 'Russian Röyksopp' Oko is soon to be unleashed), Hawke and Saul O¹Sage.

Precinct head up the A side of disc one with a tough, acidic dub while the beautiful original mix sits on the B. Saul O¹Sage steps up on the A of disc two in a bleep-happy, bass-heavy style while Gavin Hardkiss AKA Hawke finishes the package with his fine reinterpretation.

With mixes ranging from life-affirming, spiritual house to dark room acid thunder this package effortlessly covers all bases of house music.

Produced by Drunken Monkey.
Vocals by Freakboysoul.
Guitars by Splintered Tree.
Published By Copyright Control
(p) 2003 Hooj Choons
(c) 2003 Hooj Choons