The Human League

Five years since it last closed it doors, half decent house label Hooj is set to make a (hopefully) welcome return to the fray in 2008, and what better way to kick things off again that with this, one of electronic music's defining moments.

Of all the classic pre-house, dancefloor gems in the Human League catalogue, Martin Rushent's 1981 dub of 'The Things That Dreams are Made Of' is the record that has slipped most easily through the music - space - time continuum to land in the 21st century sounding as fresh in a Soulwax or Derrick May set now as it did in a Rusty Egan set a quarter of a century ago. It never made it to single release back then, so this timely 2 x 12" / d load package should do the song justice this time around.

On the first 12", Rushent's dub still has to take pride of place, but full honours for respectful supporting roles go to Justus Köhncke for a crackling leftfield-discoid groover, and Richard Stone for an electro house workout.

On vinyl two, Tiga serves up a stripped back burbler that builds a head of 303 steam in the 2nd half, whilst Kissy Sell Out opts for a big room electro club monster and Ilya Santana adds Moroderesque-disco sparkle to proceedings.

Written Phil Oakey and Adrian Wright
Produced by Martin Rushent
Published By EMI Music
(p) 1981 Virgin Records
(c) 2008 Hooj Choons