Candi Staton
Whadda You Want?

(Very) Occasional providers of half decent house Hooj have once again been tempted back into the fray, as former full time honcho Jerry Dickens pulls together a team of new and old heads to remix Candi Staton's ecstatic mid 90's invocation to the big man, her old bearded pal in the skies.

New North London upstart Polar Snares is first up to the plate, employing driving, broken beats and tense riffs to bring out the intensity of the song and add post-bass sensibilities. Brookes brothers turn in the surprise of the package with a 4/4 electro-disco mix, commercial but cool, and likely to make a lot of sense on the right summer dancefloor. Young bass practitioners De$ignated keep their heads down for a heavy, dubbed out 4 /4 workout, and Space Coast keep it deep, and, spacey.

Produced by K-Klass & Paul Burchill.
Written by Knuckles / Madden / Daniels / Kronlund
Published by BMG Music Publishing Ltd/Stip Ltd.
(P) React under licence to Hooj Choons
(C) 2013 Hooj Choons