Launched with lots of post acid house inspired enthusiasm and no money in a Blackfriars shoe cupboard in 1991 by (the soon to depart) Phil Howells and 'Red' Jerry Dickens, Hooj Choons enjoyed over a decade near the top of the European dance tree, with over 130 single releases, 20+ albums, 4 sub labels and a club night ('Elements') under it’s belt before 'long break' in 2003

As house music flourished in the 90's, Hooj grew with it, switching focus from genre to genre without ever getting too caught up with one style for too long. From the latin flavoured Balearica of the first release, Rio Rhythm Bands Carnival da Casa' , to the London hardcore sound of Simon Seds 'Wigged' / Tomoaki – Past, Present, Future, to the synthier/more Euro side of the initial wave of progressive house with Felix, Andronicus and Restless Rockers, the 'trance' years with Café Del Mar, Nalin + Kane, Greece 2000 and Lost Tribe, progressive mk 2 with Killahurtz, Medway, Jark Prongo, LSG, tribal house with Tenaglia's Datar, Halo Varga and Trancesetters, deep techy tackle with Circulation, Mooger Fooger and Echomen, and at the end, hints of the electro/ disco storms to come with the likes of Psycho Radio and Chicken Lips.