With 'the long nineties' slow train still showing no sign of departing the cultural platform, and so much current electronic music spinning around related axis, it's no big surprise to see occasional providers Hooj Choons, make one of their infrequent returns to the fray, a little bloodied, but still essentially unbowed.

With the Hooj Catalogue owners keen to see orchestral versions of some of their (and selected other) favourites from yesteryear, they've managed to tempt "the original creative team" back to the fray for the project (ie : dragged him off a windswept beach in the deep SW ), to work with the fruits of a noted Slovenian orchestra's interpretations.

Between them, the Hooj 21c crew have swerved the well trodden 'orchestral bangers at the Albert Hall' path. Instead, Memories of the Future (pt 1) features sweeping electronic / orchestral hybrid versions of the likes of Humate's Love Stimulation and mid 90's Hooj favourite Only Me, more delicate, piano focused interpretations of Lazonby's Sacred Cycles and Transformer 2's, Fruit of Love, and a minimal, slow burning rework of the inevitable Cafe' Del Mar, that eventually bursts into widescreen life.

With an accompanying dancefloor friendly remix package imminent, MoTF pt 2 already in the works, and signs of the label engaging with the present via bespoke H21c releases, 30 years on from inception, Hooj 2021 looks settled in for a longer haul this time around.