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Hyper Go Go
"High (2022 Remixes)"

It's only been 30 years since Hyper Go Go's 'High' crashed into life

It's only been 30 years since Hyper Go Go's 'High' crashed into life, combining the best of Italo House and rave into an exuberant, floor destroying piano anthem.
It's had the odd remix since, but with the wheels of 90's revivalism in full churn at this point, it's only right 'High' get's a 2022/23 refit, and kinda fitting that the main remixer, twenty one year old Kyle Starkey, wasn't actually born until ten years after it's initial release.
And the youngster takes no prisoners, tearing into the OG with slamming 135bpm drums, big drops, the odd snare roll, and lots of drama, for an energy driven update.
The other remix comes from Collective Leisures' Jag Limbo, taking a very different path, relocating the piano melody and vocals in a hazier, more reflective context, but underpinning it with sharp electro drums, big bass and a punchy staccato riff, designed for immersive experiences in smaller rooms.
The original 1992 rave heavy Cloud 9 mix gets a new intro / remaster, and the original is present and correct for good measure.

Written by James Diplock, Alex Bell & Sally Anne Marsh.
Produced by James Diplock and Alex Bell.
Published by Universal Music Publishing / Downtown Music.
Mastered by Lopazz, except "Original Mix".
(P) 1992 Hooj Choons
(C) 2022 Hooj Choons

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