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"Trance Trax Vol 3"

A hefty 6 tracker for Trance Trax volume 3

A bunch of middle aged blokes arguing on social media about whether their favoured brand of synthy euro dance is the true inheritor of the 'trance' tradition is a fine and dignified thing to behold, and after a recent Calvin Harris / Ellie Goulding Facebook free for all, Hooj is happy to try and add a bit of fuel to any remaining fire, via the latest instalment in our Trance Trax series.
It's a hefty 6 tracker this time, four new, two remixes of oldies, and none of it likely to help anyone looking for cohesive genre definitions.
Fort Romeau's unreleased dub of Lazonby's 'Sacred Cycles' is pulsing hypno house, Glenn Morrison's 'Twenty Something' a 118 bpm psy-chugger. Belgian ledge Jaydee's 'Black Book' is an immersive, drum heavy work out; Hansgod's 'Altension' a deep, filtering, techy affair. New comer Snubbelrisk's (Swedish : 'fear of falling' ) 'Snowfield' get's unabashedly expansive in it's own way, via emotive pads and soaring riffs, (but minus the whiff of iPhones in the air /_250k Vegas EDM gig fees). Finally, set closer Ben Gomori's remix of 'Love Stimulation' arguably owes as much to trances' (partial) roots in Italo Disco, as it does to the foundational early 90's MFS output from whence it came.

01 - Jaydee - Black Book
Written & Produced by Robin Albers. Published by Dharma Songs.
02 - Hansgod - Altension
Written & Produced by Hans Godde. Published by Dharma Songs.
03 - Glenn Morrison & Aaya - Twenty Something
Written & Produced by Glenn Morrison & Aaya. Published by Sony Music.
04 - Snubbelrisk - Snowfield
Written & Produced by Viv Craske. Published by Dharma Songs.
05 - HEO - Love Stimulation (Ben Gomori's Brotherly Love Reboot)
Written by Gerret Frerichs, Hans-Georg Schmidt, Oliver Huntemann & Paul van Dyk. Published by Reservoir Reverb Music Ltd. Remix & Additional Production by Ben Gomori.
06 - Pete Lazonby - Sacred Cycles (Fort Romeau Dub)
Written and produced by Pete Lazonby. Published by Dharma Songs. Remix & Additional Production by Fort Romeau.
07 - Various Artists - Trance Trax 123
(P) & (C) 2023 Hooj Choons

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5. HEO - Love Stimulation [Ben Gomori's Brotherly Love Reboot] Buy Track ( 0.94)
6. Pete Lazonby - Sacred Cycles [Fort Romeau Dub] Buy Track ( 0.94)
7. Various Artists - Trance Trax 123 Mix Buy Track ( 0.94)
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